Family Law Resources

Northwest Justice Project, also Known as CLEAR. If you income qualify, you might receive live legal assistance from Northwest Justice Project by calling 1-888-201-1014.



WashingtonLawHelp.Org. Free divorce and family law packets are available online at

Official Washington State Legal Templates. Washington’s official guardianship, conservatorship, divorce and family law forms are available online at


Official Washington State Child Support Guide. Washington’s official child support guide is available online at

Online Child Support Calculator. The Washington Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) has published a free online child support calculator, and is available here:


Washington’s Statutes. All of Washington’s statutes are feely accessible online.


The family law statutes are organized within Title 26 RCW, which you can find here: :


More specifically, the divorce statutes are primarily available at,


the child support statutes are mostly available at,


the parentage statutes are mostly available at

Washington’s Court Rules. Washington’s state-wide and local court rules are available for free at Of note, both the state superior court and local (most counties) superior court rules apply to your proceeding, so reading only one set of rules might leave gaps in your knowledge.