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John David Wickham


I am retired and no longer practicing law.  This website only remains up temporarily to allow for former clients to have a way of contacting me. Nothing in this website provices legal advice.

I maintained a solo law practice since graduating from University of Washington Law School and passing the bar in 1996, in Friday Harbor since 2003, until retiring on November 8, 2022. I am no longer practicing law.  My wife, Patti, was my paralegal and office manager from the beginning to end of my law practice, and I thank her for making this all possible, at considerable sacrifice.


Many thanks to my clients who trusted me to advise them. to represent them and often to guide them through some of the most challenging moments in their lives.  I also appreciate the respect that was shown to my clients by the jurists I appeared before, in at least 9 counties in Washington.  And I enjoyed the professionalism and courtesy of the attorneys who assisted me with practice suggestions when I was facing challenges, and of the attorneys who represented opposing parties.

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